Please Report any problems on the forums or contact the admin.



The Rules are:

Absolutely zero cheating, glitching (which includes script glitches).

Don't disrupt the gaming of others by being a general pain in the ASS.

Respect all players and admins.

Zero recruiting or advertising!

Zero spamming of any sort!

Absolutely zero tolerance for racist or sexiest comments/sprays!


Server Commands:

!saveloc to save your current location and  !teleportto return to your saved spot.

!radio to see list of radio stations. !stopradioto turn radio off.

votemute, votekick, voteban are self explanatory! to see list of radio stations.


Stats: Hlstats:CE

"help" to display a full list of HLstats:CE commands.

"rank" to display your rank.

"top10" to view the top 10 ranked players.

"session" to get information about your session.



...darkest hour is just before the dawn...


ACG is a new community looking for like minded gamers.
Please join the steam group. Play here and get a reserved slot.

Interested in joining? Contact one of the admins or visit the website.
Feel free to add =ACG= at END of name while on servers (but not a member).

Visit us at :